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DIY Bench Supply Summary

November 30, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve updated my bench power supply project description with a summary of the project (as follows):

Project Summary

This project started as me trying to fulfil a need for a reliable and convenient power supply and wanting to learn some lessons along the way. I designed the project in sketchup and then proceeded to go through various stages of construction. There were a few design changes along the way but nothing major. I decided to add an external voltage probe and a switch to allow voltage measurements either from the ammeter or ground.

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Lessons Learnt:

As my first project i have learnt a lot and would certainly do things differently in future. Aluminium bending is easier than i expected but getting a good finish is difficult. Brushing of aluminium must be done first then the piece must be kept scratch free. Its also very important to allow room for cabling. I assumed that the wires would all be flexible enough that i could just put them where i needed them but the need to make them quite long (in order to fix them in easily) combined with the quantity of wires in this supply meant that i could barely get the thing closed at the end.

Future Modifications:

Desk Lamp – The power resistor is effectively wasting energy and i would like to replace it with something slightly more functional. I have some cheap power LEDs that i bought on ebay and one of these should draw enough power to be able to replace the power LED. I plan on buying a goose-neck lamp, modifying it with an LED and attaching it to the side of the power supply.

Side Grills – The original design had perforated aluminium to act as side vents on the case. I haven’t put these in yet but plan on doing in the near future. These are purely aesthetic.

  1. Lee Frost
    January 3, 2016 at 12:16 am

    hi, love your psu conversion, just a query – in your parts list you have one rotary switch and two dpdt swiches, but your schematic shows 2 rotary swiches and one dpdt switch, am i missing something, the only other thing is both 4 position rotaries only seem to use 2 positions each..?

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