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LED Torch (flashlight) Conversion – Lens

December 17, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve finished my LED torch conversion. I did this a while ago but forgot to post details of it here.

Previously i had fixed the LED into the body of the torch with a heatsink. Since this is a wide angle torch, i need to mount a lens on it in order to focus the light beam. I bought a 15° lens and holder and tried to figure out a way to mount it. Originally i was going to make a frame for it either from an aluminium disk or from a pliable material such as sugru. In the end i discovered a much simpler option:

I mounted the lens in its holder and hot glued the whole lot onto an m16 steel washer:

The hole in the middle it just big enough to let the focused beam through, although it could do with being a little wider. The outer diameter of the washer is just the right size to fit in the head of the torch. I might try and find a slightly larger washer that would fit, such as an m18 but i had this one on hand so it proved a simple solution:

I’m pleased with the results. It looks like it was designed this way. The only issue is that the torch top can’t be completely closed. It sits very tight though as it is pressing down on the whole assembly. I did try and tighten it fully but the torch +ve and -ve terminals shorted out. This is because there are pins on the reverse of the circuit board (+ve terminal) and i isolated these using a plastic sheet. When i tightened it, the pins pushed through the sheet and touched the heatsink, shorting the battery.

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