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Still Alive

December 3, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I figured that I should post an update on this blog in case anyone was waiting for updates on projects in here.

A lot has happened over the last two and a half years and although I haven’t worked with or used the things I developed in this blog much, they have been more than worth the effort I put into them.

The first thing to happen was that I started to do electronics as part of my full time job. That is partially thanks to this blog and the projects documented on here as it showed I had a keen interest to my employers and they decided to give me a change at doing it full time. Suffice to say, the stuff I have on here seems rather rudimentary now, although there are a few projects that I would be interested in picking up again.

I’ve also spent 6 months fixing up a house I bought with my girlfriend, who is now my wife as we got married a few weeks ago. Finally this summer just gone, I graduated from my PhD, so I’m now a doctor of engineering, although my PhD and undergraduate degree are both in systems and control engineering rather than electronics.

On another note, I’m considering changing the blog title as it would be nice to document some of the other, none electronic things I might be doing and making it more general would allow me to do this.

I’ll try and start a new project up soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to now as I’m starting to have a little more free time these days.

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